Remove ConnectSo Toolbar Virus and Protect Your Browser

The ConnectSo Toolbar Virus Information:

ConnectSo Toolbar is an unwanted browser toolbar which can be installed on popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Once it appears on your browser, it will cause inconveniences and troubles t you. First of all, it makes alteration to your default homepage, search engine and other browser settings. After that, this browser hijacker doesn’t allow you to set the changed browser to original state. I have to say that this is really bothersome and pesky browser pest. Besides, your browser automatically redirects you to each time you open it. So your browsing activities can’t be carried out smoothly.

In addition, this browser hijacker interferes with your searching actions. Because your search engine is changed to ConnectSo Customized Web Search, this malicious toolbar is able to add suspicious links to your search results. As soon as you are redirected to unfamiliar websites by these links, this browser hijack can help sponsors collect network traffic. Of course, as a malicious hijacker, it is unlikely that this malicious virus simply helps sponsors make profit. It also works as a thief to look into your browsing histories and steal your information for commercial purposes. All in all, ConnectSo Toolbar is harmful to you. It is strongly recommended that you uninstall it as soon as possible.


How to Remove Virus

The Virus Infromation: is a browser hijacker that comes from some suspicious programs like Download Accelerator and Speedbit Video Accelerateor. If you add one of the programs to your system, your computer will encounter this annoying browser hijacker. Once inside, this browser hijacker attacks your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and other popular web browsers. Your default homepage and search engine are both modified to

You can’t remove this unfamiliar website from your PC. No matter which tab or website you open, you are redirected to Even this browser hijacker also shows many fake websites logos which seem to be associated with Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo on your browser to deceive you. Once you click on them, you’ll be misled into unknown websites. In addition to causing endless redirection, this browser hijacker also changes your search results to interrupt your searching activities. A lot of suspicious links can be found on your search result page.

You’d better not click on them. This is because that some of them are malicious and vicious. There is a possibility that utilizes these links to redirect you to phishing websites. In addition, this browser hijacker installs many unwanted programs to your PC without your awareness. As a result, your system resources are taken up largely, and then your computer performance is slowed down. To protect your PC from worsening, you ought to remove quickly.


How to Remove TrojanWin32Kilim.F Virus from Windows System

The TrojanWin32Kilim.F Virus Information:

TrojanWin32Kilim.F is a malevolent Trojan virus which can do harm to different Windows versions like XP, Vista and Win7/8. Though a number of antivirus programs can quarantine this kind of Trojan virus, but can’t remove it completely from your machine. This Trojan virus often comes from unreliable free programs, spam email attachments and questionable websites. When the installed antivirus program reports this virus, you should take immediate actions to erase it. In general, delay removal of this virus leads to a vulnerable Windows operating system.

Once inside, TrojanWin32Kilim.F copies its files to your computer arbitrarily. When your PC is taken over by this precarious invader, your system files and settings will be falsified. As a consequence, your computer is made a total mess. Some of desktop icons seem to be wired and suspicious. You keep receiving error warnings when you work on the infected machine. At the meantime, certain installed programs are invalid, which makes your computer activities so frustrated. Even sometimes, you can’t connect to the Internet connection.

It is strongly suggested that you get rid of TrojanWin32Kilim.F virus from your machine. As soon as your system vulnerabilities are not fixed in time, your computer will be in a bad condition. This Trojan virus will use these loopholes to carry out malicious activities. It is most likely that this virus distribute a variety of viruses for further damage. What is more, this Trojan virus opens backdoor for remote hackers.


Remove Virus from IE/Chrome/Firefox

The Virus Information: is a malicious domain which can do harm to your browser and Windows operating system. This malicious website can enter your Windows system without your awareness. In general, it is bundled with suspicious free programs and download packages. To reducing the risk of being infected with this virus, you should pay attention to detect these resources when you want to make use of them.

Once the virus breaks into your PC, it will attack your browsers like IE, Chrome and Firefox. Some malicious files and codes are injected into your browser, which made your browser chaotic. Your homepage and search engine are both changed to Also, this malicious adware program shows text-link ads and banner ads to interrupt your browsing experience. Besides, a few ads are displayed on the below of your search box. If you click on them, you will be redirected to unverified websites. Subsequently, your coming will help sponsors to collect network traffic and increase ranking.

When you are tormented with numerous advertisements, you should find a way to remove from your PC. This is because that this vicious virus can utilize these dubious pop-up ads to drop various computer viruses to your Windows system. After a bunch of junk files are generated in your system, your computer resources will be reduced sharply. As a result, your PC will run as slow as a snail.


How to Find Hidden Files and Folders in Your Windows

In order to avoid being attacked, some crucial system files and folders hide themselves in Windows system. When remote hackers invade your computer, they also hide some malicious files. If you wonder what is hidden in your system, you can make changes to your system settings to find them out.

Method One:

1. Open Start Menu and navigate to Control Panel. (more…)

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