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Remove Petya Ransomware Completely

The Harm of Petya Virus: Petya Ransomware is classified as a ransom virus which has the ability to attack many PCs all around the world. Many victims have no idea how this virus gets inside their PCs and where it comes from. Actually, Petya Ransomware is bundled with free software, junk email attachments, suspicious websites […]

Remove Rokku Ransomware Step by Step

The Harm of Rokku Virus: Rokku is reported as a malicious computer virus which belongs to ransomware family. It is created by cyber criminals to scam PC users’ money. Thus, PC users should pay enough attention to it. Once the ransom virus gets inside your PC, Rokku may give you a warning message which claims […]

How to Get Rid of CIBS Pol Virus from Your Computer Effectively

The CIBS Pol Virus Description: The CIBS Pol Virus is a nasty ransom virus which can be distributed by Trojan viruses. Once this virus gets into your computer, some malicious files and codes will be generated. Since the system settings are changed by such malicious virus, your computer can’t work normally. Every time you log […]

Effectively Remove Guardia Civil Ransom Virus and Unlock the PC

Guardia Civil Information: Guardia Civil virus is classified as a harmful ransomware which targets at deceiving computer users and gathering money and valuable information. This unwanted program mainly attacks operating systems in Spain. It is reported that your machine will be affected by Guardia Civil virus when you accidently visit porn websites, click suspicious pop-ups […]

Effectively Remove Cyber Command of New York Ransom Virus and Unlock the Computer

Cyber Command of New York Virus Information: Recently, many people report that they have spent hard time dealing with the locked PC with a warning message from Cyber Command of New York. Actually, this pop-up message is not from the local legit government but from the web criminals. Cyber Command of New York virus is […]

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