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How Can Norton Be Uninstalled From A New Aspire As5710 Laptop?

It arrived with Norton on it, but we prefer an alternative. So far, we have not accepted the Norton licence, but we can’t stop the box appearing every time Vista Premium is started. What is the simplest way to remove it, please? We haven’t used Vista before, but our experiences with Norton and WinXP have […]

Why Does Control Panel Only Let Me Remove Certain Programs From The Start-up Programs Menu?

A few stupid programs keep erroring out on start-up so I set to get rid of them to speed up the process of turning my computer on. However control panel only wants to let me disable certain start-up programs, and annoyingly enough, they’re the really benign dull ones I couldn’t give two about. When I […]

How Do I Uninstall The Kiwee Windows Live Toolbar?

A while ago I installed the Kiwee toolbar by accident. As it downloaded I pressed “cancel” and the Kiwee emoticons, toolbar, etc etc downloaded anyway. I checked my control panel and tried to uninstall it but it wasn’t on the list. How do I uninstall it now?

How To Remove Previous Addresses From Control Panel Drop Down Menu?

When I go into Start/Settings/Control Panel, I get the Control Panel Box. The address bar at the top of the box shows ‘Control Panel’, but there is a drop down menu which shows a number of previously visited websites. I cannot find any way of deleting these. Can anyone help, please?

How Do I Uninstall A Software Without Using A Control Panel?

I had to download my printer software for hp. Unfortunately I downloaded the software in some european language and now I am trying to uninstall it but it won’t let me. It shows an error in some language which I can’t read. So basically I can’t uninstall the software from the control panel. Is there […]

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